Address: Kalvariju st. 151, Vilnius
Phone: +370 61258822

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  • Do you want to lease or sell your property? Our team is committed to do it professionally, based on human factors, and with reliability. We will advise you throughout the entire process.
  • Do you want to determine the market value of your home? We will arrive to assess it without no commitments or payments.
  • You are unsuccessful in leasing or selling your real estate? Invite our experts who will provide you with a non-binding advice, explain the reasons and give tips on how to achieve the desired positive outcome.
  • Are you undecided about sale or lease? We will calculate and provide analysis of all options, and advise in your favour.
  • Your real estate has legal facts or restrictions? We will explain in detail how to overcome all obstacles, and organize documents in case of sale / lease or purchase. At each step, we will support you.
  • You have never sold /bought real estate before and you do not know the procedure awaiting, you want to avoid errors? We will explain you every step waiting in this process.
  • You want confidentiality while selling your property? Contact us in the most convenient way, and we will take it from here to prevent any trouble.
  • You live abroad and want to sell or buy real estate in Lithuania? In this case we can also help you: everything in our hands, we handle all legal issues in Lithuania on your behalf where possible, up to signing the basic notarial contract.


CITY HOUSE REAL ESTATE - strong team of professionalswith years of experience in the real estate market, high legal and methodological knowledge of baggage, and most importantly - the work is based on integrity, professionalism and humanity.